Software developer/researcher living in Madison, WI. I am currently employed as a software developer at Holos, Inc. My primary interests are in programming languages, computer graphics and machine learning. I am especially interested in the intersection of machine learning and programming languages. In recent years deep neural networks have been applied to natural language tasks with great success, but applying these same techniques to code is still in its infancy. I believe there is room for a lot of new exciting work in this subfield of machine learning/programming languages.

In the past I was at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in the position of Assistant Staff. While there I primarily focused on embedded systems development, computer networking and graph theory research. I left this position in early 2019.

Areas of Expertise: Programming Language Theory, Computer Graphics, Embedded Systems Programming, Concurrent Systems, Graph Theory, Computational Geometry, Simulation and Game Development, Front End Web Development, Mathematics


Helbling, Caleb, and Samuel Z. Guyer. “Juniper: a functional reactive programming language for the Arduino.” Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modelling, and Design. ACM, 2016. View pre-print on arXiv

Helbling, Caleb. “Directed Graph Hashing.” 51st Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory & Computing. 2020. View pre-print on arXiv


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Contact me

caleb.helbling AT yahoo.com

Current Projects

Helbling, Caleb, and Corvinus, Joshua. “Primitive Fitting 3D Meshes by Minimizing Volumetric Loss.” To be submitted to Computer Graphics Forum. 2020.

Juniper - Functional Reactive Programming for the Arduino

Blockspell - a multiplayer magical combat game set in a voxel environment

Global Game Jam Projects

Cell Tower Tycoon - 2018

Wave Rider - 2017